It is clear that the nefarious cabal that smuggled a comatose "Yar'Adua?" into Nigeria yesterday, are bent on controlling the patronage over the bloody-billions of oil money from the destitute delta region.

It is clear that this cabal shamelessly, ignores all norms of decorum and decency. Thereby, have denigrated and rubbished our already dented national image.  

That there action have eroded the credibility and trust vested on our nation in the international eye.  And, have devalued our business and commercial worth.

That there action  bastardizes all norms of legitimacy.  Therefore,  tantamount to a palace coup.

The aforementioned action, therefore is treasonable - beyond any reasonably doubt.

That the veil of secrecy surrounding Yar'Adua's clandestine return, raises this cloud of suspicion and doubt over his  true presence  at Aso-Rock.  Was he (Yar'Adua)  really the person wheeled-in in that ambulance? Is this another case of deceit? The immigration and customs in both Jeddah and Abuja must review and report the veracity of this claim.

Given that he is in Aso-Rock, is he willing and able to execute his duty as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?

The president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, MUST be subpoenaed. A writ of summon, compelling his/her presence before the legislature (both congress and senate) MUST be served, with immediate effect.

The aforementioned writ, MUST  stipulate mandatory appearance - in person, with  a 7-day ultimatum.

In the event of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, failure to appear, in person;  the legislative bodies must proceed, dully, with an article of impeachment for the reason of incapacitation.

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@Frank Dada,

The fabric of the nation has been pervaded by your alluded "politics of belly." A walk through our political corridor reveals the stench of the rot on which our foundation lays. In all directions, you are presented the same nauseating picture, with no end in the horizon. These corridors are dotted with baby Iyabo Belo Obasanjo (Indicted felon); baby sarakis (bank embezzlements); baby Yar'Aduas, and many others in recycled clones of the eternal vultures who have refused to vacate the stage.

I can understand David Mark - old kaki school. However, perplexed by the actions of our presumably lone-star in the house, with loads of London education. If bankole with these accolades and exposure can stoop this low, to dine in the pits and indulge in the orgy of stupidity, then the future remains bleaker than I once purported - there is nary a pinch of hope for the nation - the doomsday theory will crystallize - within a few clips of the wind.

On the other hand, I'm not amazed because birds of the same feathers flock amiably. I have doubts if you or me would not be stewed into the same cabal of nonentity. Our heads will ooze with this bereft air of ego., we would loose traction with reality and all norms of goodness. our inflated personalities will be intoxicated - with corruption and zeal. Then , we will pilot the nation in the counter direction, bleeding it into oblivion at the expense of the poor, with an ever-ready and willing cadre of evil looters.

Where is our Moses? If there is one, is he born of man - a Nigerian? Doubt!
Nice Post......


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