With the harsh economic crisis, the country is undergoing, many multinational companies; banks and indigenous companies are looking for ways to cut down expenditure due to the fact the economy is not conducive. This indirectly means laying off some of the staffs in the company in order to adjust the company’s budget.

Intellectually, you understand downsizing is not a personal decision but it’s the law of commerce; thanks to the troubled economy but your heart beat increases at the mention of “LAYOFF”. This makes it hard for you to be proactive. You don’t have to panic but rather face the reality and look for ways to keep your job.

Like the saying goes “hard times calls for desperate measures”. As an employer in an organization, one has to be proactive and be smart about saving your job especially this period of massive layoff in the job sector of the economy.

Here are some useful tips on how to save your job during a layoff

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