Todd Carson met Stan Shawe and was more generous than Todd could ever have hoped. Against all the odds, and with time running out, he’d finally formulated an easy-to-follow ‘protocol’ made up of delicious smoothie recipes containing the same 12 tinnitus-silencing nutrients found in Kyoko’s recipe. This Stan’s protocol. Todd ’ve developed a safe and 100% natural treatment for silencing even the worst cases of tinnitus and in as little as 21 days. While improving hyperacusis, hearing loss and brain health too. And in tribute to the beautiful Okinawan Island on which this Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol was born.

According to scientists at the University of Leicester in the UK, the secret behind this rootin’-tootin’ super veg lies in its unique nutrient profile which has been shown to repair THIS tinnitus trigger, putting an end to those irritating sounds forever. Every single smoothie recipe in the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol contains a unique formula consisting of ‘The Tinnitus 12’. In other words, you get the perfect amounts and combinations of the twelve nutrients clinically proven to repair and regenerate the myelin sheath damage to which has now been shown to be the root cause of tinnitus.

Each smoothie takes no more than a few minutes to make. And all you need to do is drink one per day for the duration of the 21-day protocol. And beyond if you wish to continue. The ingredients contained within this protocol are scientifically proven to repair and rebuild the myelin sheath, which scientists have now pinpointed as the root cause of tinnitus. Inside this program You will receive the magic bullet itself: your very own 21-Day Protocol. Here you will find easy-to-follow recipes for all 21 of my most powerful and effective smoothies. Each one has been meticulously designed by Stan Shaw, myself, and a team of Certified Nutritionists and food scientists. And every ingredient has been weighed and measured to the nearest gram. And you’ll receive full details on the precise quantities and combinations needed to produce maximum results.

Best of all, you only need to drink one smoothie per day, which will take no more than a few minutes to whip up. And if you’re wondering, you don’t need to change your diet at all. Just add one smoothie a day to your normal meals, whenever is most convenient to you. Or use the smoothie as a meal replacement to save time. Plus, the delicious twist is that these 12 nutrients can not only silence your tinnitus: they have the power to transform your health and vitality too. That’s because Okinawa is famous for being a “blue zone”. An area of the world where people live the longest. In fact, it has lower rates of cancer, heart disease and dementia than anywhere else on the planet. And many of the nutrients in the Tinnitus 12 are believed to be key to their health and longevity.

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