7 Reasons Why You are Not Yet as Rich as You Desire

Being a successful man and become as rich as no one has never been in the world is every man's and woman's desire. No one wants to be listed as the poor man or woman, everyone wants to be known and respected by anyone around him or her. The desire is not a wrong one but there are so many things that make it feel wrong.

A lot of things makes it feel wrong because there are so many things expected of you to do before you become what you wanna become and when you don't do those things expected of you, you are already making the feeling look very wrong and undesirable in the sight of God.

Soon, we will tell you so many reasons why you are not yet as rich as you ought to have been by now. Some will say its not yet God's appointed time, while the others will say there is a spirit working against your Success but the truth must be uncovered.

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