Have you ever wondered why Nigeria is practicing a federal system of government and not any other system? Do you know the reasons for federalism in Nigeria? In this article, i will explicitly enumerate and discuss the reasons for federalism in Nigeria.

First, it is pertinent to note that Nigeria did not choose federalism because it is the best or most practiced system of government in the world. I mean, there are other political systems the country could have adopted rather than federalism. Apparently, there are actually cogent reasons why the government of Nigeria chose federalism and those reasons are what I will be explaining to you in this article.

Coupled with that, we will be looking briefly at the meaning and history of federalism in Nigeria. These subtopics will also help you to quickly ascertain some of the reasons why Nigeria is currently practicing federalism when I start to list and explain them. So, without wasting much time, what is a federal system of government?

What is federalism?

In short, federalism can be defined as a system of government in which political powers of the state are shared between the central government and other component units. In light of this, a constitution is said to be federal when its operates two levels of government, that is the federal and state, and each of this level exercise its different powers without interference by the other level.

On the other hand; a constitution is unitary when there are created by the law made by the central legislature and their existence depends upon the government to control, supervision of the central government.

From the above explanation, one can rightly say that the constitution of Nigeria and United States of America are federal constitutions while the constitution of France and the Republic of Ireland are Unitary constitutions.

Federalism therefore involves the linkage of individuals, groups and policies in lasting but limited union in such a way as to provide for the energetic pursuit of common goals while maintaining the respective integrities of all parties.

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