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A lot of times I look on with amusement, a smile and at times pity, When I see students tumble, rumble and Murmur , looking disheveled whenever exams come knocking on the door, I call it Exams phobia, But come to think of it really, are Exams this Bad or stressful?

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Have you ever had to sit down and wonder why you are running to fit in ten pages of written down notes into your head in five minutes, someone else is sitting not far away actin like a Tea party or a circus is about to start.

I bring good tidings to you, writing Exams can be Enjoyable, even for you too. YES!!! I mean for you too. How? I would reveal that to you in no time.
Like every other things, getting to make exams Easier for you, you would follow rules. I bring you five rules that have been tested and trusted.

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1). Reading Long before exams: Yea, I know you have heard this time and over again, but be truthful how many times have you practiced it? Because if you have, you would not be in that mess trying to know so much in so little time.

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2). Eat Well: According to statistics, it has been proved that good food and nutrients heavily aids reading procedures and our ability to recollect what we have learnt. Have you noticed you don’t tend to read well or be interested in reading when you are hungry? Make sure you stuck up good food weeks before the exams and avoid junks. Take fruits also.

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3). Meet Classmates Better than you in any Course: You might be brilliant, that doesn’t however translate to you being good at all courses/subjects as the case might be. This doesn’t sound right to some, maybe because of class beef or personal ego, but if you really want to achieve your distinction, you might want to swallow your ego or bury your hatchet and walk up to that class-mate to put you through.

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4). Believe in yourself and have a Positive Mindset: Remove the limiting belief that you can’t pass .If you believe you can pass or you believe you cannot pass, you are right. I have seen students under the impression that examiner is their enemy. Please don’t think so. Pass percentage might be low, but students do pass their exams. So, don’t think that you will be in a failure category ever.

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These tips have been tested and trusted. Why don’t you give yourself a taste of Success and fidget no more when you hear of approaching exams. GOODLUCK!!!

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