1. Avocados

As if we didn’t obsess over avocados enough, here’s one more reason to praise this heavenly fruit of green goodness. 


According to The Global Healing Center, because they’re so high in folic acid, they can quickly break down protein and give you that immediate, long-lasting, and healthy energy boost you need for sexual stamina.


2. Strawberries

Along with other berries, especially blueberries, WebMD confirms that strawberries are high in antioxidants, which are chemicals that help tidy up your circulation system by eliminating free radicals. So how does this help your sex life? As explained on The Alternative Daily, by freeing up your blood vessels of some of that junk, antioxidants increase much-needed blood flow throughout your body, including your sex organs


3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with this compound (PEA), according to Psychology Today‘s Anneli Rufus, which is the endorphin released in the brain that triggers those warm lovey-dovey feelings.


It also helps optimize levels of dopamine, which — as Slate’s Bethany Brookshire puts it — is the molecule behind all our most sinful behaviors and secret cravings; most notably because it elevates mood and pleasure, it’s definitely something you’ll be wanting plenty of in the bedroom.



4. Nuts


Nuts are also aphrodisiacs, according to Reader’s Digest, that hold a variety of nutritional benefits for sex. And there are so many to choose from! For example, as chef and raw food expert Alex Malinsky explained in NaturalNews, cashews and almonds contain significant amounts of zinc, which we’ve learned is the mineral we definitely want to load up on. And according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, like fish, walnuts are especially high in omega-3. And as we also learned, omega-3 is great for helping with sexual response because of that increase in dopamine production.


5. Watermelon



watermelon can act like a natural Viagra in the body. Bhimu Patil, PhD, told WebMD that this is because of a nutrient called citrulline, which boosts nitric oxide and relaxes the blood vessels, mirroring the effects of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction. And of course, women directly benefit too — any time increased circulation comes into the picture, we’re talking more energy and more pleasure-inducing endorphins.

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