Fake bank alert apps are the different apps, tools or software for generating fake bank alerts in Nigeria, some of these apps can also increase your account balance having people believe that you are rich and also allows them to access the account.

The following are some of the apps used in generating fake bank alerts and account balance in Nigeria.

flash fund app
Loftysms app.
Money prank pro app
Millionaire fake bank account pro
Fake alert maker for android
Flash Fund App

The flash fund app is a tool that helps to send fake bank alerts instantly to anyone without a trace. Both credit alerts and debit alerts can be generated with this app.

This tool is a powerful bank account hacking tool that allows hackers to perform fake bank alerts to people in a matter of minutes. It is one of the most popular fake bank alert apps on the internet today.

The app is very easy to use and it takes up to 24 hours for the fake alert to disappear. All you need for flashing is the recipient’s account number you want to flash the cash into. This app is available in pc and mobile versions. This app works in the following way

Install The App: start by downloading the app from your app store and install it to your mobile phone or pc as it comes in two versions.
Register Your Detailed Information On The App: once the app is installed, you can proceed to enter of fill in all the requirements of the app by giving your details.
Flash The Account Or Fund: once you have completed the first two steps, all you need do is to instantly flash the account. Once you flash fund, the account holder will instantly receive a credit alert and the app also automatically adjust or increase the account balance just like that of the bank.
Always remember when using this app that it will take up to 24hours long before the alert disappears.

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