Every man hopes that when the right time comes he will get the best wife that will take care of him, his children and the family at large.

Most men prefer getting married to shy ladies since they believe such ladies make the best wives.

Below are reasons why shy ladies makes best wives:

1. They are respectful

Shy ladies in most cases do not engage in any kind of arguments with their men.

In an African society, a woman should not argue with her husband before their kids.

Every man wants a woman who respects him.

2. They seem motherly

A shy lady has the best motherly traits, this is one of the things men want from a woman.

Every man wants a woman who would be able to take care of the kids in the best manner.

3. They are loving and caring

A man needs a lady who would have a long-term love for him and who is ready to take care of him and the entire family.

Shy ladies are known for their unending love and care for the family.

4. They are smart

Shy ladies are known for their smartness in most fields.

They are all round from academics to practical work.

Every man wants a smart woman in his house, a woman who is able to help him make critical decisions.


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