3 SHOCKING reasons why most women cheat, do not blame her is your fault

   By  Eric Patrick,

A whole lot of men both married and unmarried men usually have this issue of their wives doing it nasty with another man.don't pray to experience this because is not going to be a nice story.

don't let your wife or girlfriend always say, you can't even do like a man. if she keeps saying that and later stops that means someone is doing the job for you.


you will see most married women going for younger boys because they are good and skillfull in bed.

The truth is, when you cannot have proper, enjoyable sex with your woman... she is likely to cheat on you with another man.


Most of these women are BORED with the sex life that they are experiencing at home, poor skills, no sexy romance or even grab her round like a snake.


most men once they see a woman undies, they are ok, under 2minuts he will be acting as if he did the worst training on earth

You see, it's not just about being a rich husband or partner, but on the contrary when you cannot satisfy her... then she is definitely going to LOOK OUTSIDE for another man that performs well in the bedroom,

they love screaming.

Listen, when you the husband cannot give your woman deep satisfying sex that is when she goes outside to take advice from her friends. 

when they start doing this, know your own done finish oooo.

1) Picking quarrels with you because she is frustrated with the sexual life

2) Buy things like sex toys, d**** so she can use it to pleasure herself and masturbate, sometime even finger herself or call her next door son who is just only 3 years old to do the fingering

But then, these sex toys cannot really satisfy a woman like a penis, so the next step she takes is to cheat on you with a man that can handle her in bed very well.


Mistake 1 - Unable to Satisfy Her in Bed

Sadly, one of the main reason why women cheat is because of their husband not being able to satisfy her during sex.


When you release within 2minutes or less of penetrating a woman every single time you make love to her, she will definitely be frustrated and your sex life with her will become boring.

millions of men are suffering from this problem of severe premature ejaculation and having a weak or smaller penis. 

When these problems continue, most women begin to deny their husband from having having access to the kingdom cos they feels is waste of time. 

On the long run, the woman begins to cheat on her husband with another man that can satisfy her and give her body-melting sex, a man who can even last for more than 2 hours.

Mistake 2 - Jumping into sex too fast and Neglecting foreplay

Most men usually get this wrong. They jump into having sex too fast with their partner like having "quickies".

Women do not really enjoy this. You just can't jump foreplay.

You have to stimulate her physically, psychologically and emotionally for her to be ready and enjoy the sex with you, if she doesn't pick up man you are on your own.

Foreplay, this kind of play can make a woman succumb, play like kissing, cuddling, caressing her breasts, massaging her and talking dirty, playing cool love songs.

When you skip foreplay, most women find the sex boring and that in turn can make her cheat on you with another man that can make her wet with foreplay.

Mistake 3 - Unhappy with their Husband Penis size

This is actually one of the main reasons why women cheat on their husbands. when you have a small pennis you looked at it and say is normal, God gave it to me, man you are wrong.

The truth is, when a man's penis size is very small like 4inches or thereabout when it is erect, it cannot fully penetrate a woman's vagina.

Even when it tries to penetrate the woman's vagina, the small penis will be slipping off like that of a 3 months old boy. just because it's too small and too tiny.

Apart from not being able to satisfy your woman, small penis leads to low self confidence and self esteem in the bedroom... which leads to poor sexual performance and it destroys marriages

The worst thing is, a small manhood will never be able to satisfy a woman, and when that happens most women will cheat on their husband with another man that has a bigger manhood that can satisfy her completely.

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