29 Ways To Make Money For Those Interested In Cooking And Baking

29 Ways To Make Money For Those Interested In Cooking And Baking


  1. Operate a potato chip shop in a busy location


  1. Operate a French type hot dog stand


  1. Sell popcorn coated with 20 different flavors


  1. Offer a casserole delivery service


  1. Run a take-out food store with a new specialty


  1. Run a homemakers' cooperative, selling assorted edibles


  1. Supply restaurants with your own specialty


  1. Operate a home-cooked meal delivery service


  1. Operate a box-lunch service for offices


  1. Cater hor d'oeuvres for special occasions


  1. Operate health food cafeterias in schools


  1. Cater exotic desserts


  1. Make wedding cakes


  1. Operate a homemade soup shop


  1. Bake cookies


  1. Sell homemade pastries or any other delicacy you are good at



  1. Run a fruitcake business


  1. Bake and sell traditional goodies for festive occasions of

    the year


  1. Specialize in the candy apple business


  1. Sell crepes suzettes and/or American-style pancakes in a

    busy location


  1. Merchandise Christmas candied fruits


  1. Run a homemade candy stand


  1. Operate a frystick snack shop


  1. Merchandise maple syrup


  1. Manufacture new and uniquely-flavored cough drops


  1. Sell home-canned goods


  1. Dehydrate surplus produce


  1. Produce and bottle fresh juice and sell to restaurants


  1. Make lollipops of all shapes and sizes



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