23 Products That Sell In A Difficult Economy- In 2019

                                                                              MAKING MONEY WITH COSMETICS

1. Laundry and bar soap

2. Toilet Soap

3. Medicate Soap

4. Antiseptic Soap

5. Detergent

6. Liquid Detergent

7. Tiles Cleaner

8.Body lotion

9.Body cream

10. Hair Cream

11. Hair Conditioner

12. Styling Gels

13. Relaxes

14. Shampoo

      15. Glycerin and rose water

16. Face Powder

17. Anti Perspirant Deodorant

18. After Shave

19. Tooth Paste

20. Disinfectant

21. Jellies

22. Sulphur ointment

23. Dusting Powder


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In a difficult economy people will always look good,and like to buy a cheap cosmetics product.while you choose a soap that sold for $20 and option $100 soap.

Cosmetics can never be ignore in any difficult economy or in recession.Infact some people apply their facial treatments and make-ups several times a day.Of course difficult economy are no excuses for anyone to look ugly,people will always pay the price for retaining their good look.

A cosmetics business is therefore, a money –spinner any time.

Start a mini cosmetics manufacturing today,with little capital at home.Good luck.

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