'What God told me would happen in 2021' - Prophet TB. Joshua

Founder, Synagogue Church of All Nations, SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua has predicted a tougher 2021 pertaining to the ravaging coronavirus pandemic.

The cleric made this revelation while adressing his followers virtually in the New Year, saying that it was what God showed him.

Joshua said that the ‘affliction’ has three stages. He noted however, that the first satge is coming to an end.

He prophesied that the second and third stage would be tougher but not going to be widespread like the first stage.

“Let us talk about cure because of what is in this prophetic message for this year, 2021 – cure of affliction. This so-called monster, COVID-19, generally known as affliction, has three stages,” the cleric said.

He said “we are getting to the end of the first stage. The second stage will be tougher than the first stage, but will not affect all countries.

“The third stage will be tougher than the second stage. The two last stages will not be widespread like the first stage.”

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