The question like a puzzle in my mind is: Is Ribadu still a good friend to OBJ? Or, is there a hidden gameplan? I dey laugh o! I dey fear Baba o!

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That Ribadu worked for Nigeria during Baba,s regime do not mean that they are friends.Ribadu worked for Nija people not Baba.I think we in this country have a way of mystifying these men.Baba is just like any other highly connected naija man because of his long years in Nija government at the highest level.No be say him too sabi etc.
Politicians dont have permanent friends or enemies, they choose their friends bases on the prevailing situations as it affects their political ambitions. Rhethorically Ribadu is OBJ's friend as well as his enemy.
Ribadu served the country under when Baba was the president.  That romance ended with their respective tenures.  Now they are political foes.


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