I browsed thru Africa's TOP 100 Universities with so much HOPE for Nigeria because i know we will be among the TOP TEN. Here are the RANKINGS:


1. University of Cape Town                                          South Africa

2.Cairo University                                                       Egypt

3. University of Pretoria                                               South Africa



9. Mansoura University                                                Egypt

10. University of Western Cape                                    South Africa

11. Makerere University                                               Uganda


15. University of Dar es Salaam                                   Tanzania


19. University of Ghana                                               Ghana


23. University of Khartoum                                           Sudan


29. Mogadishu University                                             Somalia


32. University of Ibadan                                                Nigeria


62. Amadu Bello University                                           Nigeria




100. Kigali Insitute of Science and Technology                Rwanda


I 've not been feeling well since i saw this,at least in the Continent of Africa I SHUOLD WALK TALL THAT I GRADUATED FROM A NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY .I'm not unaware that the President promised more universities to be built during the last election campaign BUT with this ranking (whatever criteria that is used) the Educational Sector need to be looked into possibly DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY.

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Since d introduction of private schools in Nigeria d standard of education begin 2 deteriorate. Most of d schools are owned by top Govt officials. Tel me who wil patronize their school if there's good policy on education? We just need a change of mind n a mind of patriotic character


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