Reading and getting sleepy or sleeping when trying to read is a very common problem faced by students and non-students, it happens even to the very best scholars we know.

This is to say that almost everyone is on the battle to improve or build good reading habits.

To some people, you can activate sleep for them, simply by giving them a book to read. This sounds funny, right? Yet it happens especially for people reading at night.

Many times I have seen people on the social media and online forums complaining and asking the following questions:

“Why do I get sleepy when I read or study?

“How to read at night without falling asleep"

“How to stay awake while reading textbooks”

“Why does reading makes me sleepy?”

If you ever asked any of the questions above, don’t worry as this guide is specially baked for you...

I know pretty much that the level to which people sleep while reading will leave you thinking if there could ever be a possible solution to read and never feel sleepy.

You can read without sleeping, yes you can...

I will be glad to share with you some techniques that will help you overcome sleeping while reading. Some people get asleep easily while reading a particular type of book, like a friend would always complain “I don’t know why I get sleepy while reading the bible”.

Sometimes I don’t only sleep while reading, I could also be seen sleeping while trying to write a post on, this happened to me repeatedly until I’m able to discover certain secrets behind why people get sleepy reading and how to read at night without falling asleep.

Just tell me why won’t I share the secrets with you, want to find out how I conquered sleep while reading? Then read on!

Fun fact... lengthy article, but worth the time, read and don't sleep okay?

The definitive guide on how to read without sleeping:

Below are some of the things to do if you can't read without falling asleep, regardless of the types of books you are reading:
Interested persons should follow this link for the complete guide

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hey, I guess that if you want to sleep then you have to go to sleep


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