10 Important Things To Know Before Your Jamb Examination Day

Here are important Tips you need to know before the Jamb Examination Day

1. As you all know, there are some things that are not allowed to be brought to the exam venue. I will like you to check the down part of you print out to see things you can bring and not bring.

2. It is important that you go with at least two photocopy of your print out in addition to the original copy

3. Beware of overconfidence because it kills, when you are overconfident, you tend to choose the wrong answer even when you know the right thing.

4. Be patient enough to listen to innovators instructions and exam on screen instructions. Avoid TOO KNOW

5. Dress responsibly with a good a hair do or cut, do not present yourself in a questionable way

6. Clean your hand well to avoid issues with the thumb printing machine.

7. If you will be going with your phone, you can locate a trader with a shop around to keep your phone with till after exam.

8. If you don't understand anything on the computer please call the attention of the supervisors and don't implicate yourself by typing rubbish.

9. Pray very well for favour and help from God

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