To ensure you successfully 28 Day Keto Challenge  reach your goal weight with which ever weight loss plan you choose, make sure you understand and implement the following 10 best tips for successful weight loss:Know what you want to achieve. Do you have a goal weight in mind or maybe you want to wear a certain dress size, is your main goal to improve you health and how you feel about yourself?If you aren't clear on why you are beginning this journey, you won't know when you have reached your destination.

Choose a healthy weight loss plan. Whether you decide to join a club, buy a plan or do the research and design your own diet, make sure you keep it balanced and healthy. Don't go with anything that excludes certain nutrients or has you eating just a select few foods.Don't skip meals. This can be a tough one because we understand that if we take in fewer calories than we burn we lose weight; so skipping meals can seem like the right thing to do, but it isn't. You must keep your body fueled in order to keep your metabolism up and burning calories for you. This will not happen if your body is always in hunger or starvation mode.

Stay away from artificial sweeteners. Even though artificial sweeteners will sweeten your foods and drinks without adding calories, they contain chemicals that can interrupt the cellular processes of the body causing weight gain.Focus on all the delicious foods you can enjoy. Most dieters spend so much time thinking about what they shouldn't have on their nutritional plans instead of all the delicious foods they can have.Don't eat within three hours of bed time. This can be tough if you are used to eating late at night but this is very important for two reasons.

First going to bed on an empty stomach will help ensure you wake up the next morning with an appetite so you don't skip breakfast.Second, you are less active at night so the foods you eat won't be used for energy but most likely stored as fat. If you must eat within 3 hours of bedtime, make it a light snack of no more than 100 calories.Splurge right. If you are going to give yourself a splurge meal or day, do it right. Pick the foods you want on your splurge day, place each meal on a small plate not a dinner plate and give yourself 20 minutes to sit down and enjoy your meal. The common mistake people make with cheat days is they eat huge meals all day long.

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